I am the owner and healing practitioner at Dragonfly Wellness. I earned my graduate degree from the prestigious AOMA Graduate School of Integrative Medicine. I am a licensed acupuncture professional in the state of Florida and North Carolina, a Diplomat of Oriental Medicine (Dipl. OM (NCCAOM)®), board certified by the National Certification of Oriental Medicine. I am also a member of Florida State Oriental Medical Association and the North Carolina Society of Acupuncture and Asian Medicine. I have been treating patients for the past 15 years. From my many years and experience, I have developed an integrative care approach to maximize a patient’s experience. I use various modalities in combination, to best address your needs.

My ABCs of Healing

Acupuncture & Asian Medicine is one of the ways I treat. My comprehensive approach includes acupuncture and Asian medicine. I include lifestyle counseling to restore balance and promote optimal health for the body, mind, and spirit. I provide a gentle needling style. I'm successful treating a wide variety of ailments like pain, insomnia, emotional stressors, digestive issues, headaches. I'm fueled by my passion to help people truly take hold of their health and emotional wellness. My success is due to my compassionate listen skills and empowering you to reach your goals.

Breathwork - Conscious Connected Breathing (CCB) is a specific body-mind-soul experience that utilizes conscious connected breathing (no pause between inhale and exhale). While breathing in this way, CCB as a therapeutic tool, can affect not only the physical aspects of our bodies but the emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies as well. By breathing this way, our bodies naturally begin to release surface stress and physical tension. We find that this type of breathing can release old emotional wounds and negative patterns. Through the Power of Breath, old traumas, limiting beliefs, and subconsciously held patterns of energy that keep us from living our lives more fully begin to release.

Coaching – Ontological coaching is the type I do. This approach focuses on the potential for transforming our Way of Being, which includes its expansion and deepening, as a path to participating more meaningful in life. It is transformational. It is the idea that we have the power and ability to solve our own problems, provided we are given sufficient support and space to ponder on the issues at hand. Listening and making queries allowing you to find your own solution, empowering you to achieve your goals.

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