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In 2006, Wilton Manors was officially designated as a Community Wildlife Habitat (CWH), the seventeenth community in the country to achieve such an honor. Homeowners, schools and businessess worked together to establish over 200 habitats within the boundaries of the city.

WMBA joined with NatureScape Broward, a county wide initiative designed to help residents, municipalities, businesses and schools create and maintain sustainable landscapes that conserve water, protect water quality and provide habitat for native and migratory wildlife.

All you need to do is provide elements from each of the following areas:

·   Food Sources – For example: Native plants, seeds, fruits, nuts, berries, nectar

·   Water Sources – For example: Birdbath, pond, water garden, stream

·   Places for Cover – For example: Thicket, rockpile, birdhouse

·   Places to Raise Young – For example: Dense shrubs, vegetation, nesting box, pond

·   Sustainable Gardening – For example: Mulch, compost, rain garden, chemical-free fertilizer

Once you have provided the essential elements to make a healthy and sustainable wildlife habitat, join the thousands of wildlife enthusiasts across the country who have earned the distinction of being part of NWF’s Certified Wildlife Habitat™ program.

If any business member certifies their business property. WMBA will purchase this attractive metal sign that shows your commitment to conserving wildlife.

Mayor Gary Resnick (L) and WMBA President Wade Shrack (R)
present a sign to Ed Lugo who certified his resort.



WMBA – Helping Oakland Park become a Community Wildlife Habitat.

The Wilton Manors Business Association (WMBA) played a major role in helping Wilton Manors become the 17th City in the United States to be recognized as a Community Wildlife Habitat.  Any city applying to the National Wildlife Foundation for recognition is required to have a specific number, based on population, of homes, schools and businesses registered.  By encouraging members to certify their businesses, and presenting those members with a NWF Habitat sign, WMBA enabled the NatureScape Committee to reach their goal.

WMBA also has members in Oakland Park, a city that is currently working to become certified, and their sponsorship continues to help another community come closer to reaching their goal.

Edward “Eddy” Lindberg and his partner Todd Recznik were recognized by WMBA for certifying their new business, Secret Oasis Garden Center and Landscape Design at 3531 N. Andrews Ave., Oakland Park.

Charles Livio, Horticulturist for the City of Oakland Park Parks & Leisure Services Department says, “I believe we are there with the educational/outreach points required.  We only need about 30 more locations to become certified.  If anyone is interested, they can visit the library for more information or go see Eddy.”

“Eddy is a great supporter of gardening for nature” said Celeste Ellich, WMBA president, who presented Eddy with the sign. “The NatureScape committee tells me that Eddy has taught classes for the community, and will be teaching another free class on March 13, 2013, at the Wilton Manors Library.”

Come and learn all about plants that feed and foster birds and butterflies, and how to control pests naturally with lady bugs and other wonderful warriors that will keep your oasis a safe and beautiful spot.

M.E. DePalma
Wilton Manors NatureScape Committee
2117 NE 17th Terrace, Wilton Manors, Fl. 33305

The photo is Left to right : Eddy, Charles, Todd, Celeste.


A Special Schoolyard Site Receives National Recognition

Wilton Manors Elementary was awarded the new Schoolyard Habitat Sign designed by the National Wildlife Federation for schools that have registered habitats on their grounds. M.E. DePalma, a member of the Wilton Manors Business Association (WMBA) purchased the sign and presented it at a PTA Meeting. DePalma applauded the school’s creative curriculum which uses their NatureScape habitat as a teaching tool.

This year, each age group developed a garden in the inner courtyard. PTA Director, Anja Weinberg , said, “ They learned so much about nature and how plants that are beneficial to their life, are also necessary to preserve wild life such as birds, bees, and butterflies.

Wilton Manors Elementary is actively involved in inquiry based learning for all students and supports investigations with multimedia technology and an emphasis on developing higher order thinking skills and outcome based learning that demonstrates academic success and excellence. Wilton Manors Elementary is the only public school in the Island City of Wilton Manors and the only authorized IBO/PYP School in Broward County. Students from over twenty six different countries around the world attend the school which promotes international mindedness and community service.

NWF certified Florida’s Broward County School District, the sixth largest in the United States, as the nation’s first School District Wildlife Habitat site for its comprehensive approach to environmental education and its use of outdoor learning spaces.  More than 100 of the district’s schools have Schoolyard Habitat sites. Learn more at www.nwf.org/schoolyardhabitats

L-R  Sheneka Blue, Assistant Principal; M.E. DePalma, Wilton Manors NatureScape coordinator; Anja Weinberg, PTA Director; and Melissa Holtz, Principal.



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Need help? Call: M.E. DePalma at 954-563-2148 or visit NatureScape on the city website.